CBD Wholesale Products (Vape Juice Oil, Cartridges, Capsules & More)

Please fill out the form below to create a wholesale account and gain access to wholesale pricing. The minimum wholesale order is $500. The minimum order without a storefront is $750. Please make sure the information provided is accurate. You may be contacted by us to ensure proof of business. If we cannot get in touch with you we will be forced to cancel your order.

Why Buying CBD Wholesale is Vital to YOUR Business

There are many benefits from buying the highest quality products through wholesale prices. One of the main reasons being that the cost per item is considerably cheaper when purchased in bulk rather than when purchased individually. This is ideal for all business owners that need plenty of stock without breaking the bank. Immediate profit is made through the items sold at retail price when bought for wholesale price, ranging anywhere from 50% to 100% margin. 

Another advantage to buying wholesale is the limitless variety of products that can now be offered to loyal customers. Because the products at wholesale are significantly cheaper, the ability to sell an array of products becomes easier and more appealing to customers as they have more options to choose from. Depending on how a customer consumes CBD, your business can provide a plethora of options including but not limited to: wax, hemp flower, vape juice, edibles, capsules, tinctures, etc.

What Can I Buy Wholesale from CBD Distro and Why?

If your company specializes in vaporizing, consider buying e-liquid, or cartridges. E-liquids are typically used for refillable tanks, whereas cartridges are normally disposable. In addition to buying vape oil, you may wish to expand to concentrates and pick up some wax, shatter or crystal. Concentrates are more potent than standard e-juices, and can treat more problematic ailments with fast-acting relief.

Some cbd oil products are made with a isolate extract, while others offer the all-encompassing benefits of a full-spectrum extract — these products, despite using an extract from the whole hemp plant, still contain less than 0.3% THC. The beauty of vape oil is that you can select from various desired experiences, ranging from feelings such as relaxed, energized or somewhere in between. This is due to the differences in terpenes from within that control the effect felt. This option is appealing for those trying to cut back on their intake of cigarettes or trying to quit altogether, proving a marketable way to sell to a large audience. 

Up and coming, the intake of hemp flower is growing in demand due to those enjoying the instant relaxation felt. Without any tetrahydrocannabinol THC, this product looks and feels like weed without the high. Our rich hemp oil products have tasty terpenes which also provide for a therapeutic boost. There are no psychoactive effects whatsoever from hemp flower, and appeals to those who may not want to feel high while still reaping the benefits from CBD. The authentic smoking experience is still popular among hemp users, and that’s why your business would thrive by investing in flower.



Luckily for those who wish to not vape or smoke, CBD Distro caters to all types of consumers, especially to those who are or have to be more health-conscious. If your company specializes in edibles, consider purchasing gummy bears in conjunction with various chocolates or even tinctures with capsules. These forms of consumption are very popular due to just how effortless it is. Smoking or vaporizing can seem intimidating to those who are not used to consuming this way, and edibles offer an accessible means to those who are still in the market for the benefits of cannabinoids. While still effective in the treatment of painful ailments, it should be noted that edibles do take a bit longer to take effect. This time can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, but the efficacy remains just as potent. 

For those looking to find relief from pain, anxiety, or migraines, we recommend our herbal tinctures for both its healthier and fast acting properties. Tinctures act quickly due its rapid absorption after being placed under the tongue. There are also capsules available for those are used to consuming products such as tablets, and are made of easy to swallow gelatin capsules that are NON-GMO.